PAGE International Hose Product Overview
Smoothbore Hose Smoothbore Hose Products

Products include:
                         • True Bore               • Rubber Covered
                         • Industrial                • Silicone Cover
                         • Heavy Wall             • Pageflex SBF™

Convoluted Hose Seamless Convoluted PTFE Hoses

Products include:
                         • Standard Wall
                         • Heavy Wall
                         • Flare Seal

Flareseal hose PTFE Flare-Seal™ Products

Flare-Seal™ PTFE hose products are designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate in high purity, corrosion/chemical resistance and sanitary applications.

cut ptfe PAGE-flex™ SBF

     • PAGE-flex SBF - 1/2" the bend radius of conventional smoothbore hose

ptfe lined hoses with industrial fittings Silicone Hose and Tubing Products

PAGE designs and manufactures a line of high purity Silicone Tubing and Platinum Cured Silicone Wrapped Hose.

ptfe lined hoses with industrial fittings Fittings and Adapters

Parker PAGE offers crimp and field attachable fittings. Our two-piece 316 Crimp fittings include: Sanitary, Flange, Cam & Groove, Industrial, Weld, and Instrumentation Fittings.


ptfe - fep tubing with flanges Accessories

Accessories are available to compliment PAGE hoses. These include: Rubber Cover, Polyolefin Heat Shrink, Stainless Steel Armor Guard, Stainless Steel Half-Round Spring Guard and Silicone Cover.

flared ptfe Specialty Products

PAGE offers a variety of specialty hose products as solutions to your unique applications. These include the Nomex Braided Hose and High Pressure Hoses.

retractable fep tubing - rectrable ptfe coiled tubes Specialty Braiding Capabilities

PAGE is well known for their in-house specialty braiding capabilities. Available braids include stainless steel, polypropylene, Kynar®, PEEK™, Nomex®, KEVLAR® (para-aramids), as well as other braid types. These braid coverings give added strength, durability, environmental resistance, and value to hose and tubing products that are exposed to harsh environments. 


PEEK™ is a registered trademark of Victrex.
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