High Pressure Hose
High Pressure PTFE Hose (up to 5,500 psi)
PARKER PAGE 944B/955B High PSI assemblies have a heavy wall of PTFE that has excellent compatibility with a variety of media. The PTFE tube has a static dissipating liner that provides a path of continuity to the end fittings for applications where flow induced electrostatic charges could occur and potentially damage the hose assembly. The resilient PTFE tube is reinforced with braided SS 304 wire. Braiding, as opposed to spiraling, allows for better flexibility and a tighter bend radius in the finished hose while maintaining high continuous working pressures. The stainless steel wire braid also minimizes volumetric expansion in hydraulic service.

Markets and Applications
  • Reaction injection molding (RIM) of plastics
  • Pigtails for compressed gas cylinders
  • High pressure cleaning applications
  • Phosphate easter driven hydraulic systems
  • Airless paint spray systems
  • To convey paint, varnish, lacquer, urethane, steam, water or compressed gases and almost any other media
Key Benefits:
  • Up to 5,500 psi for non-impulse applications
  • Static dissipating liner
  • Excellent compatability with a variety of media
  • Chemically inert
  • Up to 6 layers of reinforcement
  • Better flexibility than spiral hose
  • Tighter bend radius than spiral hose
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